Teachers condemn Ofsted ‘reign of terror’

Ofsted has been accused of conducting a “reign of terror” in schools and wanting teachers to act like robots.

Dame Alison Peacock, head of the professional body for teaching, said teachers faced pressure to “stick to the script” in classrooms when they should be “inspired” and “joyful”.

The chief executive of the Chartered College of Teaching told an evidence session of the Times Education Commission yesterday: “Teachers are constantly looking over their shoulder, whether it’s about Ofsted judgments, whether it’s about attainment, whether it’s about workload — teachers are being driven.”

Of the regulator, she said: “Ofsted, frankly, it’s a reign of terror. They come in, they start to talk in highfalutin language about research outcomes and so on and curriculum coherence.

“It’s designed

To read more, see the Times article by Nicola Woolcock, Education Editor | Holly Papworth

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