Ofsted promises changes after head teacher Ruth Perry’s death

Schools watchdog Ofsted has said it will make changes after the suicide of head teacher Ruth Perry in January.

Chief inspector Amanda Spielman said Ofsted was piloting changes to its complaints system, but added the single overall grade for schools would stay.

Ms Perry took her own life while waiting for Ofsted to publish a report grading her school Inadequate.

Her sister Julia Waters told BBC News she wanted inspections to be paused, to allow a full review.

Ofsted has said its thoughts are with Ms Perry’s family, and described her death as a tragedy.

Prof Waters told BBC News condolences weren’t enough, and said the family had not heard directly from Ofsted about the concerns the family has raised.

“It adds to the hurt, it adds to the outrage, it adds to our feeling of injustice about what happened to Ruth,” she said.

The family believes the anxiety and stress following the inspection led to Ms Perry’s suicide.

Prof Waters said she had been overwhelmed by the number of people getting in touch and speaking out about Ofsted.

“It is a potentially dangerous system,” she told BBC News, adding that a pause in inspections would be the “decent, empathetic, human thing to do”.

She wants an independent inquiry into what happened at Ms Perry’s school and a review of the culture of inspections at Ofsted.

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