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Ofsted tells MFL teachers: don’t expose pupils to “unfamiliar” language as it is likely to demotivate them

Education Uncovered writes about how Ofsted has set out a vision for major changes to the way modern languages

Zahawi wants Ofsted to help raise school attendance

Education secretary asks DfE to do a ‘deep dive into absenteeism’ as new figures show more than one in

From ‘world’s finest’ to ‘inadequate’: Teacher trainers fail new Ofsted test

Concerns watchdog out to ‘discredit’ sector as 8 providers rated less than ‘good’. Unveiling plans to create an international

Five things Ofsted has told its inspectors this term

Five things Ofsted has told its inspectors this term Watchdog updates inspectors how to work with teachers and how

Research commentary: teaching about sex, sexual orientation and gender reassignment

Chris Jones, Ofsted’s Director, Corporate Strategy, discusses research on teaching about the protected characteristics of sex, sexual orientation and

Schools politicising lessons on gender, says Ofsted

Watchdog concerned over the way issues of sex, sexual orientation and gender reassignment are taught in schools Schools are

Exclusive: Reform Ofsted post Covid ‘battle’, say heads

A commission involving heads should be set up to review accountability structures in wake of pandemic, say school leaders

New provider hits out at validity of Ofsted inspection done ‘on limited contact time’

A new apprenticeship provider has expressed its “frustrations” with the validity of an Ofsted report that now threatens its

WATCH: High-stakes Ofsted visits ‘have ruined careers’

New NAHT president and former primary head Tim Bowen warns that schools watchdog Ofsted is not ‘fit for purpose’

Ofsted’s Chief Inspector at the Festival of Education, 2021

Amanda Spielman gave a speech at the annual Festival of Education conference. Good afternoon everyone. It’s great to be

Ofsted bosses contradictory over limiting inspection grades for poor careers advice

A confused picture has emerged after Ofsted’s chief inspector contradicted her FE director on whether poor careers advice could

Tory MP accuses Ofsted of ‘massive failure’ over sexual abuse in schools

Maria Miller issues strong criticism after publication of findings five years on from landmark report on scale of problem


Ofsted’s chief inspector of education, children’s services and skills Amanda Spielman has had her position confirmed for a further

Concerns over impartiality of school abuse review

Concerns have been raised about the impartiality of an Ofsted review into claims of sex abuse in schools. The

Ofsted cannot be immune from criticism

Ofsted might currently have the government’s full backing, but as a growing number of influential voices line up to