Positive Reform For

A Trusted Ofsted


Why Ofsted should be reformed

It is widely believed that Ofsted has overstepped its remit.

Inspections are no longer focused on raising school and educational standards. Instead, inspections and methods of collecting evidence tend to focus on secondary issues.

Ofsted is isolating parents and teachers, and it often acts beyond scrutiny.

We are not calling for Ofsted to be abolished. We are calling for Ofsted to be positively reformed – to restore trust, widen accountability, and increase collaboration.

Please read our Charter for Reform and add your name to our open letter for POSITIVE REFORM FOR A TRUSTED OFSTED.

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A Collaborative Ofsted

A Transparent Ofsted

A Trusted Ofsted

Charter for Reform

Labour and the Liberal Democrats want to abolish Ofsted and move school inspections into the hands of the Local Authorities.

This policy position is misjudged and unnecessary. Instead of overhauling Ofsted entirely, there are alternative measures that can better tackle the root causes of the problems. We believe in positively reforming Ofsted to maintain the many benefits that the inspectorate has to offer while resolving core issues.

3 Ways Ofsted Can Be Positively Reformed

A. Accountability
  • Introduce independence into the complaints process
  • Provide a more robust evidence base for making decisions
  • Establish an independent Commission for reviewing decisions and reports
  • Enable greater scrutiny and transparency
B. Re-focus on education
  • Respect the statutory remit and DfE guidelines
  • Return to focusing on pupil educational achievement over vague pupil ‘values’
  • Review inspector training and methods of evidence collection
C. Collaboration 
  • Create greater collaboration with teachers, parents and communities
  • Provide more constructive advice to schools
  • Widen opportunities for schools to challenge reports

Practitioners Speak Out

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"The stress caused by an Ofsted inspection cannot be underestimated. We spend years preparing for our next inspection, while not knowing whether the inspector will have a different focus to what we have prepared for.

I trust Ofsted far less than when I started off in teaching. It doesn't raise our educational standards - it it counterproductive."
Head Teacher from Wiltshire​
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"Many teachers perceive Ofsted to be pursuing an agenda through inspections in state comprehensives - they pick an arbitrary theme, find the evidence that the school is non compliant, downgrade it, then position it as ripe for takeover by an Academy trust or MAT.

I have seen many good schools downgraded and then become absorbed into huge businesses run by CEOs with zero interest in education. It seems to be a political education policy to exert control over schools. Ofted should be more accountable."
RE Teacher from Gloucestershire
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"Ofsted used to operate an inverse relationship between performance and scrutiny – that is, the better a school’s outcomes, the less critique it could expect as to its pedagogy.  Where has this principle gone?

Also, Ofsted is becoming and/or wants to become the default enforcer of all youth-related issues, from careers to sexuality to racial harmony, to mental health. Its remit is huge."
Education Consultant from Manchester

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